ASOCIO Digital Summit 2023 Paves the Way for Future Digital Cooperation


SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 16, 2023

ASOCIO Digital Summit 2023, held for the first time in Korea in 23 years on November 14 and 15, concluded with resounding success.

This event is poised to further bolster exchange and collaboration in the digital era across the Asian region. The summit's outcomes include the unveiling of the 'Digital Asia Initiative,' a comprehensive strategy to accelerate digital transformation in Asia, and the recognition and commendation of companies and institutions that have made significant contributions to digital innovation in the region.

The ASOCIO Digital Summit is a private organization composed of IT associations from 24 Asian and Oceanian nations. The Federation of Korean Information Industries (FKII) is a member and represents Korea's interests within the organization. The ASOCIO Digital Summit is hosted by a different member nation, providing a platform for regional collaboration and knowledge exchange in the digital technology sector.

This year's event, themed 'Digital Asia: Our Vision for Co-Prosperity', welcomed a record-breaking 220 foreign IT professionals, fostering a vibrant exchange of insights on digital strategies, policies, markets, and technologies.

At the regular general meeting on November 13, the ASOCIO adopted and announced the ‘Digital Asia Initiative’, which presents a shared vision and commitment among stakeholders to foster digital innovation across the Asian region.

In the face of the profound societal and economic transformations brought about by digital technology, this initiative presents the collective insights and recommendations of ASOCIO, a consortium of IT-related organizations from 24 countries, to governments, businesses, and international organizations within the Asian region. The aim is to collaboratively address common challenges such as the digital divide, security, and connectivity, and to shape a new digital order by fostering the adoption of digital technologies and establishing robust digital norms.

The Digital Asia Initiative encompasses 10 key agenda items: Spreading Digital Inclusion, Facilitating the Usage of Digital Technology in Life, Fostering IT Education for Growth, Encouraging IT Worker Mobility, Promoting Seamless and Cross-Border Digital Services, Stepping up Digital Security, Valuing Privacy, Establishing Digital Norms, Building a Sustainable Digital Society, and Strengthening Partnership for Digital Asia.

Eight Korean companies and organizations were recognized at the ASOCIO ICT Awards ceremony held on November 14. The Korean winners included MarkAny, LG UPlus, National IT Industry Promotion Agency, Elice, Severance Hospital, WooKyoung Information Technology, SK Inc., and Supercoder (Second Team).

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